Special card minted in 2022 for Valentine’s Day! A Cherub statue bought to life by Slem’s magic, has been roaming the land spreading the love in a devastating manner. Basic Attack: Fires an arrow at an ememy damaging them and reducing their attack by 20% for the next round. Special 1: All allies gain the […]

Year of the Tiger

Special card minted in 2022 for Chinese New Year! Basic Attack: Tiger swipes all enemies in his targets column with his claws. Special 1: Tiger Roars, causing one of the following outcomes at random:   1. Panicked Run – The enemies randomise their board order   2. Shell Shock – A random ability is disabled […]


Bad Santa – An unpleasant gift giver. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Total stats: 2021 His basic attack is snowball – throws a snowball that deals damage and has a small chance to stun. Special attacks: 1. Coal Launcher – reduces a targets chance to hit for 3 turns 2. Surprise Gift […]


Veterice is an old warrior who holds his own in combat by freezing his opponents. – Veterice’s basic attack also slow their targets. Specials: 1. Veterice launches needles of ice at the selected enemy. 2. Creates an ice storm that slows all enemies.


Titanus pierces his enemies with his massive sword and hits both enemies in the row he is targeting. Specials: 1- Titanus gives a shield to the selected ally. 2- Titanus attacks an enemy and disarms then, making their next attack deal no damage.