Beowulf was a former slave to the nobility. Unfortunately for them he escaped and is thirsty for revenge. – Basic Attack: Beowulfs furious attack always hits for 10% of the enemies life.Specials:1. Beowulf launches an attack that can only hit enemies in the back row.2. Beowulf rips a piece of his targets armor off reducing […]


Berserker is experienced on the battlefield and an expert at supporting his allies. Whenever beserker takes damage, his attack increases. – Basic Attack: Beserker swipes all enemies in the column of his target.Specials:1. Berserker throws himself at his ally and shields them form damage for one round.2. Berserker heals himself and the selected ally NFTS […]


Wolf Beast is a warrior from a faraway land. Fed only with wolves blood as child, he has an affinity for them. – Basic Attack: Wolf Beast attacks and marks his enemy as prey. His next basic attack against the target will deal extra damage.Specials:1. Wolf Beast summons a pack of wolves that attack all […]


Tony also known as ‘The Magnificent’, is the heir of Merlin, the most famous magician of all time. – Basic Attack: Tony throws magic spheres at his target. Specials: 1. Tony uses the power of his rod to surround his target with magic spheres. The spheres explode next time the target is attacked. 2. Tony […]


Belial is a demon with a high resistance to magic. Magic attacks deal less damage to him. – Basic Attack: Belial hacks at his target with his saw blade.Specials:1. Belial chooses an ally, and intercepts any attacks on them for the enxt round.2. Belial gains additional armor for the next round. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO […]


Kendall is a healer from the forest of gems. -Basic Attack: Every second basic attack also slightly buffs all allies attack. Specials: 1. Kendall increases the health of the selected ally. 2. Kendall casts a shield on the selected ally. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO PRIVACY POLICY TERMS OF USE


Alissah is a demon slayer with incredible speed and agility. – Basic Attack: Alissah attacks her enemy with her mace, with a 30% chance to make an extra attack with her horned helm.Specials:1. Alissah teleports behind her target and makes a double basic attack.2. Alissah throws her mace at an enemy. NFTS © Fantasy Arena […]


Elentor is a mage from the realm of dragons in the holy heavens. – Basic Attack: Elentor throws a ball of burning energy at an enemy.Specials:1. Elentor launches a large ball of energy that deals damage and disables one of their abilities for next round.2. Elentor calls his dragon friends, who deals damage and steal […]


Batuga is an incredible fire mage capable of incinerating his enemies. Batugas basic attacks also burn the target.  Specials: 1. Batuga launches a cone of fire at his opponent doing damage to the entire row. 2. Batuga causes fire to rain from the sky, burning all enemies. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO PRIVACY POLICY TERMS […]


Crash is a very aggressive dark wizard with self-healing capabilities. CRASH:– Crash’s basic attack also heals himself.Specials:1. Crash throws energy balls at the selected enemy.2. Crash summons a spirit that will put the selected enemy to sleep for one round. NFTS CRASH #2 CRASH #3 CRASH #4 CRASH #5 CRASH #6 CRASH #7 CRASH #8 […]