– Kyoto’s basic light attacks will enhance her special abilities.Specials:1. Stuns an enemy and attacks with a large light strike.2. Kyoto launches a set of light beams that bounce off nearby enemies. NFTS KYOTO KYOTO #2 KYOTO #4 KYOTO #5 KYOTO #6 KYOTO #8 KYOTO #11 KYOTO #12 KYOTO #13 KYOTO #14 KYOTO #16 KYOTO […]


Sonnor is a support, but his attacks can affect the entire enemy group! – Sonnor’s basic attacks bounce between enemies.Specials:1. Sonnor launches a sonic blast that slows down enemies and speeds up allies.2. Creates an ultrasonic wave that pierces all enemies in his path. NFTS SONNOR SONNOR #3 SONNOR #4 SONNOR #5 SONNOR #6 SONNOR […]


Sophiena can stun enemies while recovering energy points. – Sophiena increases her shield every time she performs a basic attack.Specials:1. Sophiena’s next basic attack will stun the target, and block its special attacks.2. Sophiena regenerates some energy. NFTS SOPHIENA SOPHIENA #4 SOPHIENA #5 SOPHIENA #11 SOPHIENA #12 SOPHIENA #13 SOPHIENA #14 © Fantasy Arena 2021 […]


Moso masters secret arts, enemies will not be able to predict his attacks. – When Moso casts any of his special abilities, he increases his health.Specials:1. Moso charges the enemy and attacks twice. If his health is below 50%, he will deal 150% damage.2. Fires a chakra burst at the enemy. NFTS MOSO MOSO #2 […]


Iron Jock is a protector capable of rescuing allies from certain death. – Whenever Iron Jock takes damage he heals for 20% of the damage received. Specials:1. Iron Jock creates an almost impenetrable protective barrier and throws a heavy punch at his target.2. Iron Jock jumps into the air and summons a barrier over the […]


Rony is a Tank that will surprise the enemy with its triple attack and stun.– Rony can perform up to 3 basic attacks in a row by using 3 energy. Specials:1. Rony throws his weapon at the targeted enemy, dealing damage and stealing their shield.2. Rony gains some energy and stuns the enemy target. NFTS […]


Veterice is an old warrior who holds his own in combat by freezing his opponents.– Veterice’s basic attack also slow their targets.Specials:1. Veterice launches needles of ice at the selected enemy.2. Creates an ice storm that slows all enemies. NFTS VETERICE VETERICE #2 VETERICE #3 VETERICE #4 VETERICE #5 VETERICE #6 VETERICE #7 VETERICE #8 […]


Toji Ninja advances across the battlefield with great skill and stealth, dealing heavy damage to his enemies. – Toji Ninja’s second basic attack deals an additional 20% damage.Specials:1. Toji receives no damage from the next attack received this round. 2. Toji Ninja dashes at his target, dealing additional damage. NFTS TOJI NINJA TOJI NINJA #2 […]


Damma is a great team protector with healing abilities. Damma’s basic attacks give her bonus damage. Specials:1. Damma gains armor and reduces enemy attack speed by 40%.2. Damma heals the selected allied character. NFTS DAMMA DAMMA #4 DAMMA #5 DAMMA #6 DAMMA #7 DAMMA #8 DAMMA #11 DAMMA #12 DAMMA #13 © Fantasy Arena 2021 […]


ASTRID Astrid never misses with her spear, in addition to self-healing when the enemy is weak.– Astrid’s basic attacks remove some of his targets energy. Specials:1. Astrid attacks with his lance inflicting damage, and heals herself based on the damage dealt.2. Astrid launches a basic attack on a random enemy. NFTS ASTRID ASTRID #2 ASTRID […]