Azazel is one of the most feared tanks of all time, a great demon from hell. – Basic Attack: Azazel attacks with his axe, damaging all enemies in the row of his target.Specials:1. Azazel attacks, then creates a shield around himself.2. Azazel thrusts his axe deep inside his opponent, ignoring their shield and armor. NFTS […]


Goetia is one of the great nature elementals, a Treant. – Basic Attack: Goetia lashes their opponent with vines. For the remainder of the turn Goetia heals 20% of damage dealt to this opponent. Specials:1. Goetia wraps an ally in a vines, providing them with a strong shield but reducing their speed.2. Goetia buffs an ally, […]


Astaroth is the Grand Duke of Hell, eager fight against anyone who gets in his way. Basic Attack: After each dagger slash, Astaroth’s attack is increased.Specials:1. Astaroth throws himself at his enemy dealing huge damage.2. Astaroth’s attack deals extra damage and steals life from his opponent. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO PRIVACY POLICY TERMS […]


Gwydion is a magician who controls the skies, playing a very important role in every battle. – Basic Attack: Gwydion fires lightning bolts at his enemy. Specials: 1. Gwydion conjures a storm that reduces his enemies attack for the next 3 rounds. 2. Gwydion chains all enemies dealing damage to everyone. NFTS © Fantasy Arena […]


Titanus pierces his enemies with his massive sword and hits both enemies in the row he is targeting.  Specials: 1. Titanus gives a shield to the selected ally. 2. Titanus attacks an enemy and disarms then, making their next attack deal reduced damage. NFTS TITANUS TITANUS #2 TITANUS #3 TITANUS #4 TITANUS #5 TITANUS #6 […]


RAPTOR HEALER is a  Support capable of attacking without expending energy while offering healing and increased damage to her allies. – Raptor Healer’s basic attacks do not use energy.Specials:1. Heals a selected ally.2. Raptor Healer increases the damage dealt by the selected ally. NFTS RAPTOR HEALER RAPTOR HEALER #2 RAPTOR HEALER #3 RAPTOR HEALER #4 […]


Garia is a mage able to change her attack position and offer protection around her. – If Garia breaks an enemy’s shield with her basic attack, she will attack again immediately Specials:1. Garia creates a barrier around her that slows the enemy that attacks her.2. Garia will apply a magic channel that allows her to […]


Delta Active is the strongest warrior on the battlefield, capable of self-destructing and returning to the fight again. – Delta’s basic attacks deal heavy damage.Specials:1. Delta rushes the selected enemy and inflicts bonus damage.2. Delta initiates self-destruct, damaging all enemies. She then resurrects with full life but no shield. NFTS DELTA ACTIVE DELTA ACTIVE #3 […]