Haakon is a powerful tank that can control the earth around him. – Basic Attack: Haakon receives a small shield with each basic attack.Specials:1. Haakon uses his shield to completely block the next attack he receives next round.2. Haakon generates an energy shield around himself, making the any enemy who attacks him next round become […]


Quinn is a heavenly healer with holy powers. – Basic Attack: Quinn’s basic attacks are empowered with holy fire that regenerates health.Specials:1.- Quinn channels and casts a flash of light granting a shield to all allies.2.- Quinn heals an ally for a large amount of health. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO PRIVACY POLICY TERMS […]


Tamar is a warrior princess capable of facing any enemy. – Basic Attack: Tamar hits her enemy with her sickles. This attack does not consume energy.Specials:1. Tamar launches a whirlwind attack, piercing all enemies in her targets row.2. Tama stabs through her opponents armor, dealing additional damage to Tanks. NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO […]


Slem the Wicked is a master of very powerful dark energies. – Basic Attack: Slem fires bolts of dark power at the enemy. Specials: 1. Slem the Wicked summons 3 clones to deceive her target, dealing damage and becoming invulnerable for the next attack she receives. 2. Slem invokes the spirit of her ancestors paralyzing […]


Eneko is a monster capable of chaining his enemies and absorbing their life.  Specials: 1. Eneko wraps an enemy in chains. While Eneko is chained to an enemy, half of all damage he receives is dealt to the chained enemy.2. Eneko throws a chain harpoon at an enemy, pulling 20% of life points from them. […]


ARGUS Argus is a gunslinger with awesome firepower. After eliminating an enemy, Argus’ next basic attack deals double damage.  Specials: 1. Snare an enemy in the back row, and pull them to the front.2. Throws a fireball at the selected enemy dealing high damage and setting them on fire.  NFTS © Fantasy Arena 2021 HELLO@FANTASYARENA.IO […]


Crystal Wing masters the secret magic of her ancestors, shadow spells impossible to escape.– Crystal Wing’s second basic attack has boosted damage.Specials:1. Crystal Wing will cast shadow attacks on any of her enemies, even those in the rear positions. These spells damage the enemies in the direct path of the attack.2. Generates a light barrier […]


Fangs is a Tank that despite its great protection, has an incalculable attack, capable of generating critical hits to the enemy. – Fangs has a chance of dealing critical hits with his basic attacks, and receives protection when he does.Specials:1. Fangs launches himself at an enemy and deals damage to anyone that is in his […]