Teseo is a recognized warrior in all the realms, known for the power of his sword. – Basic Attack: Teseo attacks an enemy with his sword, with a 30% chance of also hitting the enemy behind them. Specials: 1. Teseo unleashes the power of his sword and makes 2 basic attacks . 2. Teseo gains a small shield. […]


Atalanta is a young Forest Elf, and is still learning their skills. – Basic Attack: Atalanta shoots an arrow at her enemy.Specials:1. Atalanta commands a nearby vine to ensnare her enemy, dealing damage and stealing 1 energy.2. Atalanta passes a potion to an ally that heals them over the next 4 rounds. NFTS © Fantasy […]


Taurus is a Minotaur who ferociously wields a great double axe. – Basic Attack: Taurus swipes with his mighty axe, dealing extra damage.Specials:1. Taurus charges his enemy with his horns, dealing damage and causing them to bleed over the next 2 rounds.2. Taurus throws his mighty axe at his enemies, damaging them all. NFTS © […]


Alatar is a wizard of blue magic. Enemies underestimate his power, but when they see him in action they wish they hadn’t. – Basic Attack: He throws blue energy balls at his rivals. Specials: 1. Alatar jumps on an enemy and blinds them with blue light, leaving them with a 50% chance to miss on […]


Sigurd recovers 10% of life points automatically after each round. Specials: 1. Sigurd absorbs 50% of damage received by a selected ally in the next round.2.Sigurd throws his anchor at an enemy and pulls him to the front.  NFTS SIGURD SIGURD #2 SIGURD #3 SIGURD #4 SIGURD #5 SIGURD #6 SIGURD #7 SIGURD #11 © […]


Potion Harv is a powerful Tank difficult to eliminate, he gets healing for each attack performed.– Potion Harv heals himself with each basic attack. Specials:1. Throws a potion at an enemy that deals damage and steals one energy. 2. Creates a protective barrier over the selected allied target or himself. NFTS POTION HARV POTION HARV […]


When Evil Garak grabs the enemy, his speed boost won’t let him escape. Every time Evil Garak attacks, he gains additional speed.Specials:1. Creates a temporary barrier around a ally, giving them additional health.2. throws his a sword at the enemy, causing a lot of damage. NFTS EVIL GARAK EVIL GARAK #2 EVIL GARAK #4 EVIL […]


Namila is a warrior capable of giving movement speed to her entire team, this can help with the victory. – Namila performs a double basic attack on a random target.Specials:1- Namila jumps at the enemy, spinning with her swords. This attack deals damage and slows the enemy.2- Namila increases the speed of her allies.   […]


Cyborg uses his Robot as protection, but takes off an energy blast that no one will be able to escape. Cyborg reduces all basic attack damage received by 30%. Specials:1- Cyborg’s robot launches an energy attack at the target.2- Cyborg jumps on the enemy target, stunning and damaging them NFTS CYBORG CYBORG #2 CYBORG #3 […]


JULIUS JULIUS is a swordsman with a strength of terror, able to jump between enemies without being hit. – Julius’ basic attack damage is increased, and is accompanied by a special attack. Specials:1- Julius throws a metal boomerang at an enemy target, which deals damage to all enemies in its path.2- Julius jumps over the […]